is the European observatory of research and innovation in the field of cybersecurity and privacy. The objective of this first concertation meeting was to take stock of the current R&I landscape and to identify common themes and challenges for clustering activities. With a strong EC presence, this was a key event to ensure all the projects of the catalogue get noticed. There were opportunities for all projects to have their say through interactive discussions, break-out sessions, position papers and presentation opportunities.

Rodrigo Diaz Rodriguez presented the SMESEC project focusing on the objectives and challenges of cybersecurity for SMEs. Taking advantage of the attendance of other relevant projects in the area, we studied synergies both in solutions of cybersecurity and its awareness in organizations. He highlighted the more important barriers to adoption of cybersecurity and how SMESEC plans to go beyond them with a sound solution attractive from different points of view, including technical and budget.

The reception of the project was good and created open discussions about how necessary is for SMEs to be up-to-date in all cybersecurity aspects as they are one of the main actors of Europe...and the easier target to attack. Finally, we have reached concrete actions with relevant projects for joint work of dissemination and evaluation of results.

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