Upcoming Events

Meet members of the SMESEC Consortium at the following events.

2nd SMESEC Workshop (IOSec2019) Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH) September 26, 2019 Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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Past Events

Cybersecurity Standards Workshop: what impacts and gaps for SMEs

On May 24th, SMESEC and StandICT came together on a one-day workshop in Brussels, Belgium.

6th Technology Transfer Exhibition - Patras Innovation Quest (Patras IQ)

On April 12-14, the University of Patras presented SMESEC project at the 6th PatrasIQ event, Greece.

H2020 Project Clustering Workshop

This workshop is organized by the GHOSTproject aiming at establishing tight connections with relative H2020 projects in thefield of cybersecurityin IoT and relative domains.

SMESEC at Koszalin Expo 2019

On March 21th, GridPocket presented SMESEC in a booth and a conference in Koszalin, Poland.

SMESEC at French Association of SMEs, ONTPE

On March 14, EGM - Easy Global Market participated in the French Association of SMEs, ONTPE, hosted in Paris, France.

NDSS Symposium 2019

"The research and technology foundation FORTH presented "Master of Web Puppets: Abusing Web Browsers for Persistent and Stealthy Computation."

Talk at E-World 2019

GridPocket joined the E-World 2019 in Essen and presented the SMESEC Framework to interested SMES and other companies.

ICT 2018 Networking on Cybersecurity for SME

SMESEC moderated a networking session on cybersecurity for SMEs.

ICT 2018 SMESEC Booth

SMESEC was present with a booth, and the visitors could experience a lightweight do-it-yourself cybersecurity assessment.

SMESEC at Swiss Innovation Forum

SMESEC was selected by swissuniversities as one of the top-3 innovation projects run by Swiss universities.

older Events

Talk at European Utility Week 2018

Cyberwatching.eu Webinar in Cyber Risk Management from the SME Point of View

IoT Solutions World Congress

Cyberwatching.eu first Annual Workshop

SMESEC at NIS Summer School 2018

1st SMESEC Workshop 2018


RAID 2018

SMESEC at SME fair of Netzwerk Zurich and Swiss SME Association SKV

Cybersecurity and Privacy (CySeP) Summer School

ETSI Security Week, EGM Presenting the SMESEC Framework

CIPSEC Clustering Workshop

5th Technology Transfer Exhibition - Patras Innovation Quest (Patras IQ)

Cyberwatching.eu Concertation Meeting

Software Product Summit

SAINT H2020 Project Workshop

REFSQ Working Conference

NDSS Symposium

Industry 2025 R&D Conference

34C3 - tuwat!

AVAR 2017 conference


Swiss Cyber Storm 2017