SMESEC project co-organised a workshop on “Cybersecurity Standards: what impacts and gaps for SMEs” with project, on the 24th of May, 2019, at the CEN-CENELEC Management Center, in Brussel, Belgium. This workshop aimed to identify the state of the art, gaps, and needs for cybersecurity standardization for SMEs. There were 28 participants in the workshop and 12 talks in total.

SMESEC project was also presented to the participants. SMESEC identified cooperation opportunities with to push standardisation actions for SMEs (and finance them) over their open calls. SMESEC is planning to push standardisation actions to CEN/CENELEC and ETSI. SMESEC will follow up with ECSO, Digital SME Alliance and SBS for SME involvements and contribution to the revision of key documents.

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