Cybersecurity Standardisation Conference 2020, “Cybersecurity Standardization and the EU Cybersecurity Act – What’s Up?” was a one-day conference organised by ENISA, ETSI CEN CENELEC. The conference had four panels, including (1) Role of standardisation to support the certification framework, (2) Achievements of cybersecurity standardisation and rolling plan of standardisation bodies, (3) First scheme – difficulties and success stories, and (4) Next prospective schemes – way ahead. The conference took place in Brussels on February 3, 2020, from 08:30 to 17:00.

Marco Spruit (the leader of the standardisation task in the SMESEC project), from Utrecht University, participated in the conference and specifically focused on the second panel about the achievements in cybersecurity standardisation. Cooperation with other EU project leaders and discussions with cybersecurity experts during different meetings may help SMESEC to obtain an in-depth understanding of the challenges and solutions about cybersecurity standardisation.

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